I'm gianluigi.

I started with photography when I was 15, borrowing my dad's camera as I never had one of my own.

In the early days, I took pictures of everything I saw, without a proper technique and a specific purpose.

I grew up in the Sorrento peninsula, a land famous for the ancient sirens that lived there, rich in history and culture, but above all with suggestive and breathtaking views, that since I was a child excited me, so much to get interested in landscape photography.

From grass-roots


After finishing high school, I decided to undertake my study of photography away from home, so I left friends and family to move to a magical land, surrounded by myths and legends, which as I hoped is gave me great inspiration: Scotland.

Today, chasing a sunset, waiting for a sunrise, stopping the drop of a waterfall, climbing to the top to get a different view and challenging the myriad of weather conditions that come after one another to capture the perfect light has become my all.

The landscapes more than anything else, they can connect with the world around me and give me the opportunity to express my emotions in one click.